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Zastava website

Websites / 2016
Zastava is a local internet provider. Unlike the competitors the company helps to access internet at the remote suburb areas where the other's coverage simply doesn't extend. As the customers had a bad experience of communication with other local providers, we had to create a very friendly digital appearance with website design.
  • Full company name: Zastava
  • Website type: Company website
  • CMS: WordPress
animation icons landing promo

For this project we’ve developed a custom iconpack and picked the most suitable and modern looking fonts

The website general layout was also developed up to all the tiny details and was meant to deliver a positive, digital feeling to the customers. The marketing side was taken into consideration too – the testimonials were designed as the most noticeable feature as they are the number one trigger for customers to reach out the company.

As always the website was optimized for mobile devices carefully