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Peer Network

Branding & Brand Identity / 2017

Peer Network is a decentralized VPN solution, available for anyone. A P2P network allows to share virtual IP from the actual users with no possible manipulation from anyone. Each member is able to earn tokens for contributing the net.

  • Full company name: Peer Network
  • Website type: Landing page
  • CMS: Pure HTML + CSS

As many of now a day crypto-based services the project was meant to hit the ICO. Our task as the agency was to create a strong branding concept and a very appealing landing page to involve a massive investment by proving the idea’s scalability and strong demand

Following the brand guidelines we created the generic ICO landing page with market specifics, product mechanics description, technical features overview, compartment to alternative solutions and revealed huge marketing potential of the app, along with the future roadmap and planes to conquer and dominate the net.

We especially targeted mobile devices as the crypto is booming and vast amount of the comers are just browsing the web using their smartphones