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Odessa Guide

Branding & Brand Identity / 2019

Odessa holds huge potential in resort market. The most efficient way to boost its tourism industry is to provide tourism challenges and entertainment opportunities in the city of Odessa and Odessa region. Odessa Region Guide - a trusted mobile application for locals and visitors, which is very simple to use.

  • Project Name: Odessa Guide
  • Project Type: Mobile app


The service logic is based on scenarios of searching and filtering places of interest to tourists and local residents of Odessa, conditionally divided into 4 subgroups: Where to eat? Where to rest? What to do? What to see? As well as current events that take place in the city of Odessa and Odessa region.

The main criteria were singled out, based on which the competitors’ market was analyzed, and their comparative analysis was carried out:

Fonts & Colors

How it works

Outdoor advertisements are the best medium to inform the moving population. It has the advantage to be displayed at a place where the best impact can be created. Since many people may not have access to other advertising medium outdoor advertisements are a great way to reach them.