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Limoncello website

E-commerce / 2017
Limoncello - is a classical Italian cuisine restaurant with own delivery service. Despite the fact they make a best pizza and deliver it right to your door it is definitely not a fast food kind of place. Here at Nextpage we wanted to create a fresh looking modern website that would help the place to keep up to date in a digital world.
  • Full company name: Limoncello
  • Website type: Company website / E-commerce
  • CMS: Opencart 2.0

There are over 34 pizza deliveries that compete heavily with each other. One of the main tasks was to create an outstanding appearance that would help to differentiate Limoncello from the fast-food. Working on the design our team did their best to recreate truly delicious aesthetics of Italian restaurant and combined it with modern web-design trends.

Once the style guide was developed and approve the website pages were made quickly. It required one take only as the aesthetic resonance was already there and we just needed to apply it to the website wireframes

Once the main pages design was over we paid a special attention to the secondary elements and easter eggs, especially 404 and preloader spinner animation

The homepage banners announcing important discounts and promotions

The responsive layout was developed as well: simple and light. Just what you need to order delicious pizza when you’re so hungry.