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Ivstroy landing page

Websites / 2016
Meet a brand new IVSTROY landing page. Easy and truly eye-catching this one was made to be one of the best websites for a renovation company on local market. Please take your seat, sip some tea and lean back, it's going to be a little longer than usual, but still really nice.
  • Full company name: IVSTROY
  • Website type: Landing page
  • CMS: Pure HTML + CSS

When we first started to work on this project the task was clear but not easy enough: we were asked to do most remarkable and catchy landing page for local apartment renovation company. The main goal was to create image that would be really easy to trust.

In the beginning we took a huge interview session with owner, and did a small research among the customers to define the main triggers that may lead target audience to the key action. After that we dove in the process itself to have a full view on a process itself. And finally we  did our best to design brand new LP concept that totally hit the mark.

As always the responsive layout was very well thought out, simplified and tested for a higher performance and better conversion rate