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Websites / 2019

Itexia is a software provider that helps with inventory management. It is easy to label, scan and then save it in a database. An easy solution to keep everything under control so nothing can 'disappear' anymore.
  • Full company name: Itexia
  • Website type: Landing Page
  • CMS: Wordpress

About UI 

UI design should have been clean and plain as a system itself. An important interface requirement  — we must keep everything detailed, but yet easy to find. Colors transmit the effect of business processes digitization and communicate trustworthiness of e-systems.

About home page

Our goal was to visualize workflows as much as possible to show the user, that it’s way better 
to spare time on inventory and use time for some other useful processes.

About other pages

Internal pages provide a deeper understanding of how the system works, and show additional features
for business owners to minimize the cost of IT department to update and integrate their assests into current systems.