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Websites / 2019

Growcer is a high-tech vertical farming, that produces local, fresh, and high-quality food year-round and is invincible against pests, pathogens, and poor weather.

We optimized the flow of content as much as possible in order to reveal a number of advantages of the company over similar others.
  • Full company name: Growcer
  • Website type:Corporate site
  • CMS: WordPress


The main idea of ​​the concept is the elements  with a strong character built on horizontal and vertical force lines and 3 axial points, which show motion vector for user, while keeping the concept open the dynamics.

Vertical farming suggests that the sky’s the limit for growing crops. 

Earth’s population and climate — are changing, water and land are becoming more scarce and expensive and therefore the food and water supplies have to be rethought. Growcer offers reliable and eco-friendly technology that can feed the whole world. Vertical farming suggests that the sky’s the limit for growing crops.