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Design Trends 2022

There are currently about two billion web pages in the world. You stand out from the crowd only if you combine technologies with design trends. So, in this article, we’ve put together a selection of the key graphic design trends of 2022 for you.

One of the main events of the year, the presentation of the Meta universe by Facebook, influenced the design trends of 2022. The desire to get closer to the Meta Universe simplifies some design decisions, bringing illustrative content to the forefront. Here are some of the trends in web design for the upcoming year.



Virtual Reality was also relevant in 2021, but with the advent of the Meta Universe, this trend has gained even more popularity. VR was originally focused on games, but now it is relevant for business. VR transforms two-dimensional space into an interactive and tangible world. So, VR technology makes it possible to create interactive maps, tutorials, and various visualizations that make a particular product/site stand out among the many. 


Augmented reality is a technology that visually combines the world of real objects and the virtual world recreated on a computer. In AR virtual objects are projected onto the real environment, AR “complements” the real world. 

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Both of these technologies allow you to get to know the product better and see how it fits into the user’s life (for example, you can “try on” a new closet in your apartment). VR/AR allows you to go to different places: real and fictional, whether it’s a walk in a lost city, underwater, or on the Moon. These technologies evoke a very strong emotional interaction with the user.



3D, motion design, the depth


The Meta universe introduced by Zuckerberg has also influenced the use of 3D in web design. To this trend, we can add motion design and the effect of depth. All of these trends allow the designer to create the impression of a completely different world, even dimensions. That’s why 3D, which is now relevant is hyper-realistic. It’s as if you’re not seeing a graphic, but a photo, where you can see all the textures and the smallest details. It’s only when you look closely that you realize it’s the graphic element. 


Motion in web design allows keeping users on the site longer. Animated graphics can show the product literally from all angles, tell the brand story effectively, and make the site interesting to view. 

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The reference is

The reference is

We live in a three-dimensional world, and web designers often try to reflect this in their work by reproducing the effect of depth and volume. After all, the depth of design can add realism to the entire page and attract the user to explore the site in more detail. Often, to achieve the depth effect of several images are combined into one, to visually in one picture to combine the two plans – the foreground and background. If the work is done well, then the effect is almost imperceptible.

Micro-interactions, personalization, dark theme


With micro-interactions and personalization, it is possible to achieve a high level of communication between the customer and the business. These trends make it easier to navigate the site, which increases user loyalty and, as a result, increases sales.


Micro-interactions are individual small actions that the user takes on the site: find a menu, add an item to cart, fill out a feedback form. All these actions are expressed through individual small design elements. The task of good design is to make these micro-interactions convenient for the visitor. After all, attention to detail is what separates an ordinary site from a top site. Based on the 2022 trends we describe in this article, it’s worth paying attention to the relevance of animated interactions that allow you to focus visitors’ attention on specific elements.


Personalization is a specific configuration of the system, the purpose of which is to recognize the user, match him with pre-configured segments, and then show the website visitor the content relevant to him. Once personalization is implemented, all of the site’s content, its visual elements, and functionality are shown differently to different users based on their queries and interests.

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The reference is ava-digital

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The relevance of using the dark theme is also worth talking about in the context of usability, because with such light there is less strain on the eyes. Also, it is recommended to include a dark background if you use the device before going to bed. In addition, a dark theme allows you to quickly scan the content of the site and focus on the key elements of the page: buttons, charts, graphs.

Large fonts, photos and navigation elements (mostly on the web)


UI/UX 2022 trends bring back layered headers. The text has become a more meaningful element that provides users with more information from the first moment they enter the website. In 2022, the typography on the site is getting bigger, larger fonts, and multilevel headings will be relevant. The size will change from letter to letter, from word to word. And that’s fair enough, because the headline is the first thing that gets attention, and the bigger it is, the more active it will be in attracting users’ attention.

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The closer we get to the Meta Universe, the simpler the elements of the content will become, because the entire emphasis will be on illustrative content. The basis of visual content will be a photo. 


Choosing web navigation in 2022 is better to focus on readability and uniformity. The less unnecessary active elements – the more satisfied users. It is better to use common elements of navigation – the usual types of menus (horizontal navigation, vertical, drop-down menu, extended footer).   

Simple geometric shapes and bold vivid colors

In 2022, there will be more and more geometric shapes in graphic design. Everywhere you look, you will see that instead of abstract shapes, designers will use simple geometric shapes. Such shapes are easy to create and use, both in statics and in animation. The use of simple shapes reminds us of the first versions of Windows with its window outlines and simple flat geometric shapes. Hello from the 90’s!


And geometric shapes combined with bold bright colors create attractive visual effects. The trend for bright colors stems indirectly from the retro design trend, as all bright colors go back to the 1980s. It helps stand out among the hundreds of competitor sites, which means it works to the company’s advantage. And don’t forget the neon! 

The reference is

The reference is

The reference is




From all of the above, it is clear that in 2022 you can safely experiment. Colors, shapes, fonts, and virtual and augmented reality technologies will create a whole new world!



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