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Crash Test of Top-10 Best Interior Design Websites

A nice website is crucial for the interior design studio’s good image and success. But what should such a website look like? What features should it have?

The interior design industry develops steadily, and, obviously, the competition grows as well. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult for designers and companies to stand out, while the clients often get lost trying to choose an agency or a designer.

Why Having a Great Site is Crucial for an Interior Design Studio?

Any interior design studio needs their brand to be powerfully presented. This means that the studio’s website should be an elaborate tool for showing your expertise, philosophy and your approach.

Your website, probably, will be visited by hundreds or thousands of people every day — probably, a few dozen times more than you get in your outlets.

Literally, your website acts as your online front store; if it’s unattractive, no one will come in.

It forms the first impression, known to be very sticky, and if the visitors don’t like your online experience, they will remember it for a long time, and even discount your abilities as an interior designer as well, due to the halo effect.


So how can you tell if the website makes a good impression and helps you to sell?

To guide you through a myriad of options, we have checked numerous websites ourselves, and then chose top 10 interior design websites which we think are the best, which fell in love with. We will explain why we stopped by these 10 ones, so you will easily understand what turns an ordinary interior design website into something unforgettable.

This list will be especially helpful for those interior designers who want to redesign their current website and renew their online appearance and looking for a relevant web agency to do so. Feel free to use this list as a reference base when speaking to your future website developers.


What Criteria We Used

Before we move to the real meat, let us quickly tell you what criteria we used to evaluate them.

1. Usability

Any website should be easy to use, and interior design sites are not an exception. The navigation should be clear, all the texts must be readable without any difficulties, every link has to work flawlessly, and so on. In general, you should face no difficulties when using the website — your experience must be pleasant!

2. Interactivity

Creating great content is a must, but it is also important to offer people some buttons to click and some things to do — otherwise, they can get bored pretty fast. An interactive portfolio, a simple game and 3D models of rooms and houses are reliable ways to bring you some positive emotions and increase their interest in this particular studio or designer.

3. Technical aspects

The site should be compatible with mobile devices — for example, only in the US over 60% of users prefer visiting websites from their mobile devices, so developing a site only for desktops means losing a huge part of the audience.

Apart from this, high loading speed helps to keep a website among top ranked sites and gives users an extra reason to explore it better (few visitors will stay on a site for a long time if it takes every single page an eternity to load).

Still, you should know — we are not able to test websites for the internal technical issues like vulnerabilities or bugs. We don’t have access to its admin panel and source codes to do this. So we only checked for the issues that can be easily found when surfing the website. That’s why there is no website on the list holding the highest score — just because we are not sure if there’s something 10 out of 10.

4. Aesthetics

Composition and contrast matter, especially when it comes to interior design websites — users are not likely to trust the interior of their house to a studio which couldn’t even create an appealing design for its own website. But if the site looks classy and has some thinking behind its design, people consider it to be more credible. Another important thing here is that design for interior studio website should be simple. Otherwise, it may just cloud the studio’s works. After all, people stopped by to see company’s projects, not to check out some web designer fancy work.

For each criterion, we set up a scale of 10, while the overall rate is an average for all criteria rates.

10 Best Websites in Interior Design (in our humble opinion)

And here you have it — our very own top-10 list selected with care and passion for your enjoyment. We needed to choose references for one of our clients, so we carefully explored to find those. Honestly, it was not that easy to find something relevant and “10-out-of-10” by all the criteria. Still, we decided to go with these websites as the best, as each of them has something curious about it.

1. HollandGreen

Best Interior Design Website - Screenshot - Holland Green

HolandGreen is a site with an asymmetrical design and rather popular smooth scrolling effect. This effect is both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time, but the website is still great thanks to its aesthetics.

Usability: 8/10

The most important links are located in the header area of the page, but there are many others waiting for you in the footer one. It’s a bit confusing, but on the other hand, this trick motivates to scroll the entire page down and explore the website better.

Interactivity: 8/10

A smooth scrolling effect is functional, although it doesn’t really allow to check the website quickly. In any case, there are some riveting animations to look at.

Technical aspects: 7/10

Everything is not bad here, but also not perfect — certain elements required more time to load than we expected.

Aesthetics: 10/10

We mentioned several disadvantages before, but the aesthetics of the website can make you forget about all of them! It’s stylish and fresh, so the site looks really credible, and the studio itself — the one creating high-class solutions. Thanks to its asymmetrical design, the website of HollandGreen attracts and holds your attention without any problems.

Overall: 8.25/10


2. Tbilisi Gardens

Best Interior Design Website - Georgia

Tbilisi Gardens offers apartments in Tbilisi (the capital city of Georgia — a small country at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe), and its website is a real eye candy. It’s rather minimalistic, but there are several helpful interactive solutions you should check out.

Usability: 9/10

The website is missing the details about the property developer, but that’s the only disadvantage here. All the available types of apartments are shown really well, and the navigation is very simple and intuitive.

Interactivity: 9/10

The site doesn’t offer loads of animations, but there is a neatly done feature located right on the starting page. Go there, and you will see a high-rise. Now try scrolling up and down, and you will see how a menu in the foreground changes according to the floor. This little “game” helps you to avoid boredom when going through the floors. It can even give you a reason to scroll down until you reach the first floor, just to see that menu changing.

Technical aspects: 8/10

The website loads fast enough and works fine both on the desktop and mobile devices — the only difference is the size of the screen.

Aesthetics: 7/10

The site of Tbilisi Gardens doesn’t really follow the latest web design trends. It still looks okay: fonts and colors are pleasant to look at, and the website itself is not overloaded with content. However, it would be amazing if the designers of this site made it at least a bit fancier.

Overall: 8.25/10


3. Endover / Volta Loftid

Endover positions itself as the most renowned developer in Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, and it wholeheartedly deserves this status. Huge illustrations, animations, and interactivity help it to attract attention and inspire trust.

Usability: 9/10

There is a very noticeable call-to-action button right on the starting page. It doesn’t look intrusive or irritating — on the contrary, it recommends you to do something exciting. Apart from saying “Book now”, the button also offers a special gift (when we were writing this article, there was the Christmas one). In this way, you really get interested in exploring the website deeper. The navigation, in general, is very simple. You will never get lost here.

Interactivity: 7/10

If you go to the starting page and hover over the buttons there, you will see diverse animations appearing. We’ve got lots of fun checking them.

Technical aspects: 8/10

The website has no technical problems — it is very well optimized, and, therefore, works on any device without any challenges. The website is also equipped with different SEO plugins, which is substantial for Google ranking.

Aesthetics: 10/10

The color scheme of the site is lovely and remarkable, and those animations we mentioned before also look great and perfectly suit the website’s overall design.

Overall: 8.5/10


4. IconInc

Interior Design and Architecture Agency Website Design Example

IconInc offers student apartments in Liverpool, Leeds, and Lincoln (at least, only these locations were available when we were writing this). Its website looks alluring enough, and the navigation is definitely worth praise.

Usability: 8/10

The navigation here is too extensive, so it would be great to simplify it a little. But take a look at this menu and call-to-action buttons. That’s a great solution to deal with loads of content and numerous links.

Interactivity: 6/10

The website itself looks decent (let’s talk about it in the Aesthetics section), but it’s a bit static. There is nothing to do except checking the content. It’s not bad, but websites which offer at least a bit of interactivity are usually more memorable.

Technical aspects: 9/10

All the pages load very fast, and the site itself works smoothly. Besides, we have noticed a few website analytics tools (like Google Tag Manager) — this means that the company is interested in what people like about the website, and, therefore, cares about the audience and its preferences. It’s not a simple showoff.

Aesthetics: 7/10

We wouldn’t say that this website looks extremely amazing and trendy, but all the pieces of content are located very well. Colors and fonts are nice, and the pictures are high-quality. In general, the website looks stylish and very “tidy”.

Overall: 7.5/10


5. Lighthouse

Top Interior Design Website Example - Screenshot

Lighthouse is a perfect website for those ones looking for a cozy apartment in Nordic style. And it doesn’t only look great — it’s also very captivating, as it offers you a very special way to explore it.

Usability: 8/10

The website is very interactive, but it is still easy to navigate there. All the buttons are noticeable, while the footer consists of the same links as the main menu. And this is not irritating — on the contrary, this trick makes the site easier to use. Even if you somehow miss the menu, you will always find all the essential links at the bottom of the site. We took two points away just for that 10 first seconds of us pointlessly scrolling and seeing no effect.

Interactivity: 10/10

The site offers an entire game where you can imagine yourself being a captain, standing in front of the boat and choosing a direction. Try it, and you will see some interesting videos learning more about Lighthouse. This way of the information supply is just brilliant — it makes the website unique.

Technical aspects: 9/10

Everything loads fast, and thanks to the Tweenmax technology, switching between the website’s pages is very smooth. Therefore, the site is so satisfying to use — you can’t stop scrolling.

Aesthetics: 8/10

All the elements follow the same style, and the colors suit the maritime theme, so the website looks harmonious. Apart from this, animations make the site even more eye-catching. Still, if that was up to us, we would ease transition effects a bit. Those of us with exceptional sensitivities are prone to motion sickness.

Overall: 8.75/10


6. JOVA Construction

Greatest Interior Design Website Example - Screenshot - Jova Construction

The JOVA Construction is a website-portfolio. It looks simple, but don’t let the minimalistic design fool you — this website deserves all the attention.

Usability: 8/10

You won’t find any distracting features here — the navigation is very clear, and the call-to-action button is easy to find, so you will have no difficulties when getting in touch with them. Content is the main focus of this website, and that’s good. Just as we said before, such design pages shouldn’t be too flashy — you don’t want your audience to get distracted from the important stuff.

Interactivity: 7/10

There are no games to play here and no virtual tours to experience, but those animations appearing when the content is loading still make surfing the website enjoyable.

Technical aspects: 9/10

Just like most of the other websites included in this list, this one has no technical issues. It loads fast and works without a hitch.

Aesthetics: 8/10

Pretty unusual and attractive fonts, pleasant color combination (black and a few shades of beige), and well-located content — this website looks stylish, but yet doesn’t deserve 9 or 10 in our opinion.

Overall: 7.75/10



Best Interior Designer Site - Reference Screenshot - Loftec

LOFTEC specializes not only in apartments, but also in commercial premises, and designers of this site did a great job. Probably, it’s one of the most impressive interior design websites that we have ever seen.

Usability: 7/10

There are no problems with the navigation, and noticeable call-to-action buttons really suit the overall design of the website. However, there is nothing groundbreaking about usability here — everything is rather basic.

Interactivity: 8/10

All those animations not only look interesting — they also emphasize the advantages of the company and show you your potential interior. Just take a look at them, and you somehow feel a need to book a showing.

Technical aspects: 8/10

The website includes a lot of content, but it still loads with no problems. We could scroll it really fast and see no annoying loading bars — in this way, we got a favorable impression of the company.

Aesthetics: 10/10

The design of the site goes well with the content, and the color scheme is really memorable. Every detail is in the right place, and, in general, the site just deserves the highest rate from the aesthetics point of view.

Overall: 8.25/10


8. Keggins

Top 10 Best Websites of Interior Design Agencies - Screenshot- Keggins

Keggins is a property developer located in Canberra, and this information is provided right on the starting page. That’s good — it’s much more pleasant to get in touch with a company which didn’t hesitate to introduce itself than with that one which profile is hidden or even absent.

Usability: 7/10

The desktop version of the website is amazing: pages have different colors, there is no unnecessary information, and the sliders are equipped with arrows. However, if you check the mobile version, you will see that these arrows are too small, while the text related to the project become simply unavailable. That’s a serious issue, as many people prefer mobile devices to desktop ones.

Interactivity: 9/10

Smooth animations are pleasant to look at, and the changing background of the pages is definitely a worthy idea — it helps not to get bored when you’re checking the site.

Technical aspects: 9/10

Usability of the mobile version is far from perfection, but in terms of technical aspects, the website still has no problems. Everything loads fast on any gadget, good job!

Aesthetics: 8/10

Many interior design websites use high-resolution pictures as a background for their starting page, but this one, as we already said, provides some details about the company — that’s pretty unusual. Besides, the color scheme is pleasing, and the overall minimalistic design looks fancy enough. The website is not “wow”, but it is very informative and tastefully done.

Overall: 8.25/10


9. Yodezeen

Best Site of Interior Designer - Yodezeen Snapshot

Creating unique elegant solutions is the philosophy of Yodezeen, and the company has also followed it when working on its own website. As a result, it looks both up-to-date and trustworthy.

Usability: 9/10

The website provides you with a lot of information, but it is well-structured, so we faced no problems with finding projects we wanted to look at or the “send request” button. The navigation inside particular projects is also convenient.

Interactivity: 9/10

There are a lot of micro-animations — for instance, while the website is loading, you will see letters of the company’s title changing each other in the middle of the screen. Apart from this, there is an interactive pointer reacting on every object, and the Contact page is designed as a map. These little details keep you engaged and interested — enough to want to discover more about the website. We took a point away only because the mobile version is not as perfect as a desktop.

Technical aspects: 8/10

The website is full of images, but its both desktop and mobile versions still load pretty fast.

Aesthetics: 8/10

In general, the website looks neat and elegant, all the pictures are very high-quality. Another cool thing here is that the studio specifies the photographer’s name on the photos. This means that the studio doesn’t break the copyright.

Overall: 8.5/10


10. Pomerleau

Top 2019 Best Interior Design Website

Pomerleau boasts an interesting history — the company was launched in 1966, and over time it became a leader in the construction industry in Quebec. Since the company is old enough, its website offers loads of content and is just huge. But fear not — it is still convenient to use.

Usability: 8/10

The headings are big, so it’s hard to miss them. The menu is handy, and virtually every page ends with a call-to-action button. Besides, the projects can be filtered, and this is a strong benefit, as the total number of projects has already gone over a hundred.

Interactivity: 9/10

There are a lot of micro-interactions and animations to check, and the background of the page changes when you reach the call-to-action button. By the way, buttons are also equipped with animations. The outline elements are used wisely — they don’t distract you, but emphasize different sections of the site.

Technical aspects: 8/10

The filter for projects works well, and the website itself has no issues with loading. It works okay both on mobile and desktop devices.

Aesthetics: 7/10

Anyhow, the website has a rather stylish design, but we would replace certain pictures available there. Some of them don’t look impressive and beautiful enough compared to other beauties we have listed.

Overall: 8/10


Obviously, all the criteria we described are crucial. Usability, aesthetics, and absence of technical problems are what a potential client will put attention on, knowingly or not. These will be key factors to determine the level of the company’s professionalism.

However, interactivity is exactly what makes both website and company look unique and outstanding. Keep this in mind. Even the smallest things can bring joy and make your website the one to remember.

Your website will be visited by hundreds or thousands of people every day — many times more than you get in your outlets. It works as your online front store — if it’s unattractive, no one will come in.


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